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For years I was an unofficial Inner BEauty and Life Coach, with my clients in my chair I not only supported them in their outer beauty expression but got to be the person they shared their life with and sought consult from. Recently, I realized that what truly made me glow from the inside out was the full spectrum love and support I could offer my clients.

I am an only child, have 4 kids and 5 Grandbabies. I have been married twice and divorced once! I have 5 dogs and once upon a time, I had cats, horses, and goats as well. I live in the country and thrive in country livin'. Being an only child, I have a chosen family, my tribe. An essential part of my life has been supporting and being supported by each of these hand picked BEauties.

~ I play the radio 365 days a year... outside!

~ I am a Virgo, born September 2nd

~ I LOVED watching Lawrence Welk with my grandparents as a kid (I wanted to dance like those ladies!)

~ To live a happy healthy life (no matter what my scale says), this absolutely includes the health of my head, heart and soul!

~ To work along side women and support them to embody their full BEauty, inside and out. 

~ To live life in the present and appreciate life for all its BEauty and life giving energy!

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